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Higher Education - Main

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  • Cuts aid to UW-Madison by $125 million and to the other 25 campuses in the system by $125 million. 

  • Ends the Wisconsin Covenant program, which promises financial aid for college to middle-school students who promise to stay out of trouble and earn decent grades. Students who sign up for the program before Sept. 30 could still participate. 

  • Children of illegal immigrants who attend state universities and colleges could no longer pay in-state tuition, a benefit granted in the 2009 budget.

  • Cuts state aid to technical colleges by 30%, or $72 million. The actual dollar level of funding would be the lowest since the late 1980's, despite enrollment growth of 40% over the last decade. According to technical college officials, the cuts could lead to longer waiting lists for classes, more limited access to courses and programs, and challenges for employers looking for skilled workers. Colleges would also be prevented from raising property taxes to make up for the cuts, and tuition increases are counter to the colleges' mission of providing affordable two-year options for middle-class and low-income Wisconsin residents. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/6/11). http://www.jsonline.com/news/education/117500538.html 

    • In Madison, voters approved construction of three new buildings for MATC in November 2009, but the cuts will make it difficult to meet operation costs for the new facilities, and the bill prevents the college from levying new taxes for operation costs. (WSJ 3/3/11).

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