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Transportation - Main

Page history last edited by Rebecca May 12 years, 3 months ago
  • Deep cuts, loss of federal funds, and shift in funding for transit. Moves transit funding from the Transportation Fund to the General Fund (where it will face intense competition from other programs) and keeps a 3% increase in 2011, and 10% reduction in 2012 and no increase in 2013.  Removes $100 million in bonding authority for transit in S.E. Wisconsin (the KRM.)  This, coupled with the provision in the budget repair bill that costs the state $44 million in transit aids will devastate transit in the state. (1000 Friends of Wisconsin) http://www.1kfriends.org/news/.

  •  Increases highway spending by 14%, and transfers tax revenues to the transportation fund.

  • Increases debt spending by $315 million.  (Sections 788-793,  AB-40)

  • Transfers automobile taxes from the general fund to the transportation fund. ($35 million in the first year) (Section2182)

  • Transfers vehicle environmental fee from environmental fund to transportation fund (Section 9348, AB-40)

  • Increases spending on freight rail by $60 million (this is needed because Walker rejected $810 million that would have covered these costs as a part of intercity passenger rail.)  (Section 795, AB-40)

  • Petroleum Inspection Fees are transferred to the transportation fund ($19.5 million) (Section 9210, AB-40)

(1000 Friends of Wisconsin) 

  • Eliminates $5 million state bicycle funding. This state funding supports vital bicycle projects across the state like bicycle plans that help build more bicycle-friendly communities and bicycle/pedestrian infrastructure such as paths and bridges. (1000 Friends of Wisconsin)




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